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Gambling and alcohol

Gambling and alcohol

Alcohol is like gambling, a very dangerous companion during a gamble. If used within a reasonable amount and kept in dosage, it will lift your spirits and soften the tension in moments of loss. But alcohol has the ability to blur control boundaries. Therefore, if you are a gambler who has noticed before that you are able to lose more than your budget allows and also to get into debt, it is better to refuse from drinking hot drinks.

At the forum Latestan repeatedly raised the topic of alcohol during the game. Opinions proved to be versatile and some posts even acquired a philosophical aspect, but still many agree that

a serious and professional game is a sober-headed game.
Ludomania is a terrible disease that can suck all the money not only from a gambler, but also his friends, relatives, seriously quarrel with loved ones and push a lot of different troubles.
It is worth paying tribute to the most authoritative licensee of gambling – the UK jurisdiction, which not only responsibly monitors the integrity of gambling sites, but also directs funds to combat this disease. It is not the only organization dealing with this problem, but it is present and people all over the world are sick with ludomania.

Gambling and alcohol

If the leading countries have somewhere to go for help, the gamblers from less developed countries have to look for their methods to cope with their excessive addiction to gambling. And it is worth noting that sedeps can be quite helpful in this.

Non-deposit bonuses – a great tool for people prone to ludomania, as it allows you to play at the casino, but do not spend their own money and still have the chance to win real money.
That’s just the period of winning becomes another test, because, not forgetting that for the withdrawal must confirm the ownership of payment details, and to do this make a minimum deposit. Here the player, and less susceptible to gambling people can succumb to the tempting thought: “avoss a couple or three dozen spins will make and catch a cool bonus” and decide to take a chance.

But neither after 20, nor after 30 or more spins does the bonus come. At such moments the confidence that the skid or the symbols of the prize round are very close is creeping up… As a result, in 100 cases out of 101 it leads to a full drain and in 99% to replenish the account with real money and to another grease.

So the dangerous moment should be taken into account and once again remind yourself that if you do not withdraw the money won from the bezdepa, the game may not only be lost, but also blend with the real, falling under the general bonus restrictions for withdrawal, and this will lead to unnecessary litigation with the support of the casino and it is unclear what decision you can come to.

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