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Why do casino not like bonushangers

Why do casino not like bonushangers

On the one hand, for casinos, the advantage may be that the game on the bonus funds from the slot is considered as real money. That is, the mathematics of the licensed slot machine does not take into account that the prizes issued may be limited to obligations. Winnings are officially counted and these data are involved in the calculations for the results of further spins. This sometimes even creates a preponderance in favor of positive game statistics on percentage peyouta to the greater side.

But an excessive concentration of luck on the side of players who take a non-deposit in casinos with a bonus withdrawal can hit the profit significantly, even with the current withdrawal restrictions, so – do not like it – it’s softly put.

For a quarter of a century of their work, dedicated casino staff and marketers were looking for ways to fight those who wanted to play for free. They were helped in some ways by advanced technologies and programs that allowed them to obtain not only the IP from which the user enters, but even the MAC address of the machine, which is its unique identifier.

Why do casino not like bonushangers

However, professional bonus traders have ways to get around any obstacles if they find a really interesting and profitable bonus. For example, to spend one game from a computer, another via mobile Internet, registering with an additional mailbox and under other personal information. And all the necessary files for further verification are present. Also, more experienced gambler users who like to play for casino money, there are supporting tools in the form of programs that can create fake IP and MAC addresses.

To stop such abuse, casinos have started requiring player details before issuing a bonus. Let them not be immediately confirmed, but after winning, to withdraw money from the casino, verify the information must. And some gambling sites even began to issue a nondeption only after identification.
Of course, those bonus players who are already real masters of their business, trying to have a few “persons” with the documents, but still such requirements casino already limit the space for maneuvers.

If the casino suspects multi-accounting, it will begin a more thorough inspection, which may consist not only in the requirement of selfi with a sheet of paper with special markings and a passport, but it is possible that you will need to shoot a short video.
This further complicates the task of bonushangers, as not many people will allow to use the information about their personality, and then even let them shoot a video for the sake of earnings, hobbies or entertainment of their fellow player. At least you will have to share the winnings, and judging by the current restrictions on withdrawal from the bonus, it is already very disadvantageous and does not pay off the time spent.

If there is any reason or revelation of the fact that the conclusion of the bonus will be able to reasonably cancel, the representatives of the gambling establishment necessarily use it.
Moreover, after the application for withdrawal of money from the casino will be made, the search for a reason will immediately begin. Of course, in a reputable institution to neglect the reputation will not and unreasonably will not cancel the payment. You will continue to wish good luck and respond in a friendly chat, even if you only play for bonuses. But believe that opposite your account is the appropriate mark.

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