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You have to be able to stop not only when you lose, but also when you win

You have to be able to stop not only when you lose, but also when you win

Therefore, to set the amount of the winnings to end the game is also very appropriate. Of course, may be lucky so that the drift in the slots will be much higher than the amount planned. Here it is up to you to stop the game and take more money, or continue.

If the casino continues to throw pleasant surprises, then, of course, it will not hurt to cash out some of the money, and the rest to continue until luck is over. In this case, some winnings will already be fixed and it will be easier to take a negative result when the machines stop handing out. The main thing is that if the bank is zeroed, do not cancel the application.

Although it may seem that it is easy to stop the game when it is already in the plus, but in fact it is not so easy to make gambling people. Since there is a fear of losing not to take off even more winnings, that is, greed plays a factor. And when a large sum was won, and then part of it lost, there is confidence that the slot can easily get it back. But it’s not.

You have to be able to stop not only when you lose, but also when you win

In math with randomom are very different concepts and among them there are no words “must”, “if you ate it now will give it back”, etc.
Always, continuing the game, there is a risk of not winning at all. And so, reaching the established amount, it is worth reminding yourself that before the game, it was considered a very acceptable result.

Restrict access to resources that you are able to lose, if you know that there is such a possibility.
Give the money to your wife, parents, relatives or people you trust. Sometimes admit to yourself or someone you know that you have such a weakness, and insure yourself against its negative consequences, rather than quarrel with them over the same illness or, worse, become enemies through deception. Close people can always understand and help if they are honest.

Lucky for those players who have less gambling friends to whom you can turn for help stop at the right time.

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